Acceptance was issued today

30. 10. 2014

Acceptance was issued today; fourteen months after the building work had started. Read how it happened and what had been happening in this article from Petr Hejl, the director of Centre Betlém.

The final inspection on the construction site of Mirandie by the local building authority took place on Thursday, October 23. The meeting was conducted on site. Local building authority from Klobouky was represented by Jana Baturná, Centre Betlém by Petr Hejl and Jan Gavlík, the contractor RENOVA, Inc, by Bohumír Janeček (executive director) and Zdeněk Marek (construction manager). Health safety officer and fire safety inspector were also present. Also our on-site supervisor František Konečný and architects from studio O dům dál also attended the meeting. The mayor of the village, Antonín Košulič, came as well.  

The building had been finished and given over to our Centre by the contractor the day before. However, even during the inspection the contractor was adding some finishing touches to the building, namely the workers were fitting the stepping grids for the approach ramp that were late due to problems with supplier. It was all terrifying bit. The inspection found several details that needed to be filed in out or modified and the contractor was very helpful and we finished everything on time. The final verdict: The building was finished according to the approved design documentation, minor inessential changes were substantiated and noted by the building authority. All necessary documents and inspections were submitted.

The local building authority Klobouky u Brna issued on October 30, 2014 valid acceptance of the building of Sheltered living Mirandie in Brumovice and approved it for use. Thank God and thank to all participants!

It is still small, well, actually big miracle. The construction started last September and it was accompanied with problems from the start. Firstly, there was unexpected amount of additional work during the laying of the foundations. The foundations of neighbouring houses were low and the bedrock was unstable, however this was found only after the removal of several tons of rubble that had been covering most of the building plot. Another major setback followed when the gas connection was needed half meter from the place it was drawn in the documentation of the gas company, RWE. This realisation was followed by lengthy negotiations with the company that resulted in permission to move the connection; however this led to radical change in the design of the approach ramp (due to the close proximity of the gas pipe). Despite all the complications the construction of the Sheltered living Mirandie by the company RENOVA, Inc. lasted fourteen months. It also included landscape gardening and equipping. Experienced builders found the quality of the construction very high.

Now we are waiting for the Regional Council of the South-East Cohesion Region to approve the tender for interior fittings and equipment. We chose the contractor on October 24, 2014, but we do not expect the approval till half December. That means one and half month after the submission. It must be said that the tender had already been approved once in the early stage. It involved quibbles that took two and half months to resolve. The red tape has been rather annoying so far and takes a lot of time we have for more important parts of the project.

Petr Hejl

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