Mirandie, May 2014, working on all fronts

30. 5. 2014

Soon to be in operation Mirandie, new social service facilities. This corresponds to the activity of all stakeholders. The Director shall prepare a tender for interior architects chosen tiles in bathrooms, masons stretch stucco plaster, roofing consider the last missing tiles, plasterboard starting to do the attic, donors sent DMSky. The list could go on. We are extremely grateful to the ROP South-East, that without delay checked the two applications submitted for payment to our account and immediately pointed installment of the grant amount requested. Implementation of the project is carried out according to the most optimistic ideas. Considering how big this project is, and that some smaller projects with other organizations or start up, we can consider the current course without exaggeration as miraculous.

However, most visibly see the work on the building itself. See the current picture Mirandie, 108 days prior to the completion of construction works.

           Installation of roof windows courtyard.                        View of the courtyard from the window of the room.


           Mirandie from future garden.                        Mirandie taking shape according to the visualization from the street.


        The back courtyard - there will be little rooms.                         Insulation of floors on the ground floor.


The pressurized alarm checks the pressure in the distribution of heating, which are maintained floor. On the right is the cameraman Television.


        Elevator machine room is small and handy.                         Elevator is serviceable, beautiful, modern.

Television filmed a report about sheltered housing, you can run it on-line archive of Television and look at her (16 minutes 6.tá report entitled: generating new sheltered housing for the disabled).

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